i see demons in the wood grain

by i see demons in the wood grain.

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made at home by i see demons in the wood grain


released August 27, 2014



all rights reserved


i see demons in the wood grain. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

isditwg is an art project by chris markley and james dunn

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Track Name: trees
please don't cut those trees down. i hope you are aware now. please don't burn the bridge down, cause i don't think i can live without you. once i hitched a ride into a dandelion, met some people who thought i was lying when i told them of the world that exists beyond them, everyone just kept telling me to be quiet, you can't help me and i can't help you, everything around us is painted blue, i had a problem, and i think i still do
Track Name: fly away
fly away
Track Name: fearing the fear
shot down in the bedroom, the kingdom has gone mad, hard to find a place to rest, seems easier to be dead, the gas stations are empty, little kids keeping track of their kills, and it's not getting hot, the rot age is here, fearing the fear of being real for the satisfaction words bring to the air, maybe this isn't over, without all the anger
Track Name: the mark
the mark is upon me, the mark is upon you, whether or not you want to believe it, it's the only thing i can promise you is true, you can look through the windows, you can stand at the door, but you can't come in because you wear the mark, no matter how hard to try to hide it, it just keeps coming to the surface, and no matter how much you deny it, i can see it in your eyes, the black swan landed in the swampy waters, two lovers lost their way in their apartment
Track Name: caverns
in 1984 there was an influx of us, and on the kitchen floor time is told by the path to the back door, masses made of plastic, let's go into the caverns of the catholics and take back all the writings they have stolen, we'll teach teach them to the masses, tell the one who knows no better
Track Name: leaves don't fall they float up
i flew through space and traveled dimensions, but all i want to do is go back to texas, i'm not cut out for this life up here, everyone is running around in fear, too little time and not enough weed for me to see, casual conversations make me nervous, the t.v. is burning through the silence, revolutions begin and end with violence, they want to feed us to the lions, if we become our own kingdom there will be a flood, know where to run, i never asked nobody i was just told when to be here, and if you listen closely you won't have to live in fear, head down south, shut your mouth and head down south, leaves don't fall, they float up
Track Name: worn knots
flood light on the tree with statues. worn knots. a swing hangs in the wind. pickin up the pieces, looking out the window, spinning the globe so i can see the countries. circle in the sky glimmers in my eye. beautiful noise underground. there is a mystical feeling tonight, the trees are swaying and the wind is blowing rain drops from the leaves, creating a misty storm all around me, the kids are doing cartwheels in the street, movie sets look just like this, all the actors know their lines, it's a shame
Track Name: eat the earth and have a vision
flower beds are mysteries, schools of thought are misery, blankets over higher degrees, until they make the peasants bleed, drink up all the wine and talk to pigeons, look at the beer cans i found in the attic, renegotiate silently, recognize the symmetry of all that is and will be, eat the earth and have a vision, eat the earth
Track Name: pine barons
day 33 with no sleep calling a taxi to take me away from the haunting. i left the couch that you let me "sleep" on, to head back to jersey to wait for you to want me. pine barons, it's where i am, it's where i'll be. the spade hit the dirt as i dug up the hurt,that kept me trapped under the weight of the this guilty conscience, i'll never learn, i keep saying the same things, i keep making the same mistakes, i guess i'll never learn no, pine barrens that's where i am, that's where i'll be