don't start evil

by i see demons in the wood grain.

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released March 14, 2014

isditwg is chris markley and james dunn

Recorded and mixed by i see demons in the wood grain.
Mastered by Will Jones



all rights reserved


i see demons in the wood grain. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

isditwg is an art project by chris markley and james dunn

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Track Name: iron curtain of loyalty
waiting for the man who stole my girl/to bring me my drugs/so i can go home/she was in the corner/her shoulders slumped over/painting a picture of another world/betrayal happens all too often/but my friend said it will pass and i believe him/betrayal i got lost inside it/but now i can see straight through it
Track Name: full bloom
we ate an eighth of shrooms in your parents living room/in the middle of the summer of 2002/i drew pictures of demons in the dark/the tree by the window seemed to stretch into space/meanwhile you were laughing uncontrollably/the crickets sounded like an orchestra that night to me/and i had a realization that this is all just pretend/this is all just pretend/petty broom pushing dental hygienist/suddenly swept up from the rug behind the dumpster/the words on the wall all fell down onto the paper/plastic dolls just want to live a fable/and they don't love you like you'd love them to/but right now all the stars are in full bloom
Track Name: tremchails
have you ever noticed all the trails in the sky?/criss crossing in the atmosphere/it makes me wonder why?/cause they eventually dissipate and fall to the ground/could this be why everyone is always feeling down?/or maybe why disease is spreading like wildfire through the town?/or maybe i'm just over thinking this?/ like everyone keeps saying "it's fun once you start playing"/and i don't know where it begins or ends/and i don't even know who to ask/instead i just carry on feeling completely insane from day to day/one time a ladder descended from heaven/so i went ahead and climbed up it/and everyone on board looked just like you and me/but the world we traveled to you wouldn't believe/the suns their oceans and their trees/their moon their people all lived in harmony/until they became aligned with you and me
Track Name: unity
waiting for all of us to be free/what does that even mean?/isn't it just doing what you please?/i grew up around the corner from the woods that lead to eden/once a week i'd go there and get found/don't believe in a holy ghost/it's a trap set by the most high/i's inside of eyes everyone is screaming i i i/pick up a shovel and start digging/until you run into the tunnels down below